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Power Wheels Lincoln Parody Finally Kills the Meme

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Seriously, it's dead. You can all stop now.

Power Wheels Lincoln parody

This Power Wheels Lincoln parody has killed off a once-proud meme

Welp, we can go ahead and shut it down, folks. It’s been a good run, but we’ve hit the terminus point of people riffing on Matthew McConaughey’s ultra-spacey performance in commercials for the Lincoln MKC. Unless the next thing out of the gate is the Too Many Cooks of Matthew McConaughey parodies, this thing is dead and dusted.

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(Side note: go watch Too Many Cooks right now. We’re going to give you the link twice just so you know we are serious, but be warned that you probably shouldn’t check it out while you are at work or with someone who seriously worries about you sometimes.)

Power Wheels Lincoln parody

Son/daughter, we need to have a serious talk…

When we draft an epitaph and a eulogy for Lincoln ad parodies, one thing will ring true: ‘twas the Power Wheels Lincoln parody killed the beast.

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Basically, this little kid rolls his fingers around for a while, paraphrases the dialogue from the “I Just Liked It” spot, and…fin. The inner-video link offers the “latest addition to the Power Wheels lineup,” which is oddly neither a Power Wheels version of the 2015 Lincoln MKC nor a severely beaten horse carcass.

Kudos, however, for this lovely little jab:

Power Wheels Lincoln parody


Admittedly, a Power Wheels Lincoln MKC doesn’t sound like the worst idea (or even particularly unfathomable given the recent inclusion of a Power Wheels F-150 into the lineup), but we can just let it go now.

The Power Wheels Lincoln parody is like a joke that repeats itself over and over again until it isn’t funny anymore. Unlike, say, Too Many Cooks, which repeats the joke over and over and over again until it isn’t funny anymore but then continues to go on and on until it’s funny again and then it just gets super dark and gross out of nowhere and…

Power Wheels Lincoln parody

Just go watch Too Many Cooks, will ya?

Power Wheels Lincoln parody

It stars famed director/weirdo Lars Von Trier as Pie