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PSA: Configure Your Flux Capacitor-Equipped Ford Today

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Introducing the Ford Flux Capacitor

October 21st is Back to the Future Day, and it seems like everyone is celebrating in some way or another. Well, maybe not Cubs fans, whose BttFII-influenced dreams of a World Series are all but dashed at the hands of a Mets team that is seemingly much more likely bound for destiny.

2016 Ford Fiesta Goes Back to the Future: And back to school, according to KBB’s 10 Best Back-to-School Cars of 2015

Ford, as it was revealed earlier this week, is celebrating by allowing customers to configure a new 2016 Ford Fiesta or Focus with one notable fictional addition: a functioning Flux Capacitor.

Fiesta ST Interior with Flux Capacitor

Ford charitably charges $1 per every gigawatt produced by the Flux Capacitor, resulting in a cool $1.21 million price tag. If one were shopping for a Fiesta ST with all the high-end trimmings, your time-travel-ready-hot-hatch winds up running $1,237,460 after destination charges. But fear not! Ford is running a $250 customer cash incentive program, so it only winds up setting you back about $1,237,210.

The only thing that could possibly be better would be a Flux Capacitor-equipped 350-horsepower 2016 Focus RS, yours for just north of $1.25 million.

Focus RS Flux Capacitor

That’s really about the extent of Ford’s participation in Back to the Future Day, but hey, it’s still fun. Check out the Fiesta configurator and Focus configurator to see just how fun it is.

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