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Recall Alert: Approximately 1.4 Million BMW Vehicles Affected by Two Separate Recalls Involving Potential Fire Risks

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Rusting valve heaters and faulty wiring in the air conditioning system could potentially cause a fire to start in numerous BMW models

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Several 3 Series vehicles are affected by both recalls

BMW is experiencing quite a bit of bad luck when it comes to vehicle fires. A story exploring the tendency for some of its vehicles to suddenly burst into flames recently created negative buzz for the German automaker.

Now, the risk of a fire hazard is leading to the recall of approximately 1.4 million BMW vehicles.

The 1.4 million vehicles affected are not part of one overarching recall, but rather two separate recalls, both issued due to the the risk of potential fire hazards. Some of the vehicles are affected by both recalls, placing the overall number of vehicles affected by one or both recalls at about 1 million.

The first of these recalls covers 670,000 3 Series models built between 2006 and 2011. Faulty wiring in the heating and air conditioning system have been found to potentially overheat, increasing the risk of a sudden fire.

Reports surrounding this issue date back to 2008. However, as the root cause was not yet determined at that point, BMW monitored the models for any similar incidents.

The second, larger recall also affects a wider range of BMW vehicles. 740,000 BMW vehicles built between 2007 and 2011 are set to be recalled for the potential rusting of the vehicle’s valve heater.

Included are models from the 128i, 3 Series, 5 Series, Z4, X3, and X5 lineups. In rare cases, rusting in the valve heater area can potentially cause a fire.

Those vehicle owners affected by the recall are scheduled to be alerted sometime between now and early December. Repairs for the vehicles are expected to begin on December 18.

BMW dealerships are set to replace both the aged valve heaters and the faulty wiring for the air conditioning system when affected vehicles are brought in for repairs.

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