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Red Light Camera Catches a Mechanic Driving His Customer’s Car – At 3AM

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When you leave your car overnight with a mechanic, you imagine that it will be kept safe and sound on the mechanic’s property. Perhaps the mechanic has security cameras. Maybe the shop locks the cars inside overnight. Or maybe you’re completely wrong and they take them for late night joy rides to pick up drunk friends.

That’s what one Oregon woman discovered when she received a red light ticket that was issued while her car was in the shop. To be fair, the repair and body shop, called Steve’s Imports in Portland, did let her know ahead of time that, while out testing the car, the driver thought he might have run a red light and that she might receive a ticket in the mail, and if so, to let them know.

That was all fine and dandy with the customer, who appreciated his honesty (and who had already footed the bill for a $2,299.05 repair). But when the ticket arrived in the mail, it came with a photo that showed the mechanic driving his customer’s car at 2:59am—with a female in the passenger seat, seemingly intoxicated.

Red Light Camera Catches a Mechanic Driving His Customer’s Car – At 3AM

Red Light Camera Catches a Mechanic Driving His Customer’s Car – At 3AM

Steve Spinnet, the owner of Steve’s Imports, told KVAL that the man in the picture is his son, and that he was picking up a “family friend” from a concert. But why was it in the customer’s car? According to Steve, it was because the shop needed to put the car through a drive cycle, as the car was in the shop because it could not pass an emissions test and thus could not receive new license plates. But drive cycles typically take just a couple hours—and are usually done during office hours, not at 3am at night, and not with random passengers in the car.

The customer isn’t looking for a lawsuit or anything. She just wants an apology, but it doesn’t seem like she’s going to get one. The shop is supposedly paying the ticket for the customer, however.

Check out the video below for the full story:

News Source: KVAL