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Reminder from the Iowa DOT: The Deer Crossing Signs Are Not Marking Deer Crosswalks

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Sometimes, you have a day where you enrich yourself in every way—you get up feeling rested, you chat happily with your loved ones, you eat a good meal, and just generally go to bed thinking “today was a good day.”

Good Day: I sure would have one in a Corvette Z06…

Then, some days, you work for the Iowa Department of Transportation, when it felt that it needed to officially remind the good drivers of the Hawkeye State that the deer crossing signs on the side of the road are not there to tell deer where it is safe to cross.

You see, as the Iowa DOT explains, deer don’t read. People read. People who would, presumably, see a yellow warning sign showing a picture of a leaping deer and consider, “perhaps there are often deer in this area, and I should be careful while driving.”

This amusing post is probably part of a larger effort by the Iowa DOT to remind people of the dangers of animals on the road, because a post from the next day reported that in Iowa from the beginning of the year to October 23, there had been a reported 3,344 animal crashes, causing one death, over 150 injuries, and over $14 million in damage. In addition, local news station KCRG added that the post coincides with the beginning of deer breeding season.

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As our own reminder, we have talked before about how to avoid deer on the road and what to do should you accidentally hit one anyway. You can see our article for more details, but for a quick reminder, be watchful around dusk and dawn, wear a seat belt, don’t swerve out of your lane, keep away from any injured deer, and call the police should you hit one.

News Sources: KCRG, WQAD, Iowa DOT via Facebook