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Report: Next-Gen JUKE Will Stay “Edgy,” May Get Hybrid Variant

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Nissan Gripz Concept Front

Is the Nissan Gripz Concept a forebear for the next-gen JUKE hybrid?

The Nissan JUKE may not necessarily be everyone’s cup of tea, but most folks can agree that it is a memorable vehicle to behold. Where the JUKE had once ruled the sub-compact crossover roost, the sudden onslaught of competitor CUVs has eaten into its sales, which has led to some speculation that the next-generation JUKE may ditch some of its token weirdness to have a broader appeal.

Per Auto Express, Nissan Chief Creative Officer Shiro Nakamura says that the next-gen JUKE will still be “edgy and less mainstream,” suggesting that much of its hallmark style will remain intact despite the incorporation of Nissan’s new face. While the JUKE is known for being something outré, striking a balance between that persona and something a bit more accessible should help Nissan stand out in a crowded segment without chasing off too many potential buyers.

Also of note in the story is the revelation that the JUKE may very well be in consideration for a hybrid variant. When asked about the possibility, Nakamura told AE: “It is very tough to meet our emissions requirements without hybrid. It is almost mandatory.”

Possibly worth noting: the Nissan Gripz Concept, revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year, is somewhat JUKE-like in proportion and utilizes a hybrid powertrain called “Pure Drive e-Power” that incorporates an electric motor like that found in a LEAF.

Photos: Nissan Gripz Concept

Other major upgrades for the next-gen JUKE include the application of a new platform—likely the modular CMF-B chassis upon which the next-gen Micra is being built—and the resultant availability of multiple new engine options and likelihood of increased rear legroom. The JUKE would likely also be considerably overhauled on the inside, adding improved materials and more options for customization.

AE anticipates that a new JUKE concept could crop up within the next six months, leading to the debut of the production model by fall of next year and sales possibly getting underway before the end of 2017.

News Source: Auto Express