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Report: You’ll Have to Apply to Buy 2017 Ford GT

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2017 Ford GT

2017 Ford GT

Would you like to get your hands on a 2017 Ford GT? Well, you’ll likely need to have something to the effect of $400,000 in expendable income in order to make that happen. If you think you meet that qualification, you might still be surprised to learn that your likelihood of owning one of the hottest cars of the 21st century might well come down to passing an application process.

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According to a post from /r/cars, Redditor 3031983, Ford is going to be trying something different when it comes to determining just who will get to be among the exclusive club of Ford GT owners.

Per the post:

  • Ford will introduce a unique ordering process for the all-new Ford GT supercar, with the program commencing in early 2016.

  • Ford GTs will be assigned based on a customer application process, offering a personalized experience for every Ford GT buyer.

  • Anyone can apply; priority will be given to loyal Ford customers including current Ford GT owners.

  • Applicants selected through the process will be assigned a car by Ford and complete their purchase through a Ford GT certified dealership of their choice.

While it might seem like just another unsubstantiated Reddit post (and, trust as, there are plenty of those to go around), Autoblog reached out to Ford and got confirmation that everything listed above is accurate. Ford also confirmed the rumored 250-unit-per-year run, which means that being a Ford GT owner will put you in incredibly exclusive company.

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