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Retired Mechanic Shoots and Kills Friend For Touching His Cadillac

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Watley is being held without bond.

John Watley, 58, is charged with shooting and killing his friend of 40 years for touching his Caddy.

When a Chicago man tells you to step away from his Caddy or else, then it’s probably a wise move to step away from the Caddy.

Anthony Strong learned this the hard way over the July Fourth Weekend when his “friend” – John Watley – allegedly shot and killed him for drumming his fingers on his Cadillac.

Watley was so angry that Strong and others kept touching the Cadillac around his home in Calumet Heights that he went inside to grab a machete and returned warning everyone to quit touching his property. When Strong refused to obey his orders, that’s when Watley went back inside to retrieve a 9mm handgun, which he used to send a bullet through the chest of his friend of 40 years.

It was reported that both men were drinking alcohol together before this terrible incident.

When Strong’s wife came outside to attend to her husband, Watley told her to just let him die. Two of Watley’s nephews disarmed him and gave statements to police. Cook county prosecuters have charged Watley with first-degree murder and are holding him without bail.

Watley used to work as an auto-mechanic before being injured in an auto-accident in 1990. He has been living on Social Security ever since. Watley’s only other criminal charge was for auto-theft all the way back in 1977, for which he earned one year of probation.

Via: 5 NBC Chicago