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R.I.P. Trapster – 2007-2014

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These cop cars all need little purple funeral procession flags

If you’re one of the fifteen users or so who still uses Trapster, there’s some bad news on the horizon: the once-great app that was used to warn its more than 20 million users of everything from speed traps and red light cameras to dangerous intersections and school zones is going bye-bye.

From an email sent out to Trapster users on Monday:

After evaluating our ongoing investments, we have decided to discontinue the Trapster service by the end of the year.

It is hard to imagine saying goodbye after 7 years but we want to thank you for using Trapster and your loyalty to the Trapster community.

Thank you, 

Team Trapster

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It’s a bummer we know, but these things happen. In its more than seven years of existence, Trapster had a good run. Once upon a time, it topped numerous best app lists, and it was acquired by Nokia back in 2010 for an undisclosed sum.

Now, most of its users have migrated over to Waze, which offers much of the same functionality and a comparable community aspect. In fact, the sole advantage Trapster has over Waze is a wider variety of reportable hazard categories. Also, Arnold Schwarzenegger voice.

Thanks for the memories, Trapster. Godspeed. Okay, well maybe not godspeed—that sounds awfully fast. Godspeedlimit, more like.


Also, good job not being this guy
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