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Rumors About Spotify’s News Announcement Later This Month

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Audiophiles are eagerly counting down to April 24th, the date when Spotify will reveal a special news announcement in New York City. Evidence suggests that the “announcement” might be an in-vehicle gadget that mounts to the vehicle dashboard and enables passengers to access the Spotify app via voice commands.

According to Chris Welch, contributor with The Verge, Spotify customers reported an in-app offer for a new technology gadget that would come as part of a new monthly subscription offering, costing just $12.99 per month. Other users claim that they received a pop-up via the app which mentioned an auxiliary service with Amazon’s Alexa. Still others reported seeing an in-app ad that announced the company was releasing a built-in 4G mobile data function, so passengers could initiate Spotify playlists without relying on their smartphone or tapping into their cell phone’s data.

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Although Spotify declined to comment, when The Verge reached out to them for more details, there are so many Spotify customers testifying to receiving some sort of pop-up advertising a new auxiliary service that the company definitely appears to be on the brink of releasing some type of in-vehicle gadget and/or service that will enhance the user experience.

Considering that the company’s app currently syncs with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, it’s only natural that it would seek to expand the capabilities of the app to grow its user base. If Spotify does release a hands-free, voice-command gadget, it would help increase roadside safety while giving us even more infotainment options to enjoy on commutes and road trips. We eagerly await more news as we wait for April 24th, when the enterprise hopefully reveals exactly what new product it’s been designing.

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