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Safe Driving Tips for Trick-Or-Treat Night

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Halloween Trick or Treat

Trick-or-treating brings with it a few dangers on the roadways. Kids are running through the streets, from house to house, in search for candy. Many of them are in dark, spooky costumes, and with the winter months bringing sunset earlier and earlier, it can be difficult to see them in the dark. As Beggar’s Night approaches, here are a few safe-driving tips to help keep you and the little ones safe.

Check your headlights

Before the end of October arrives, make sure your headlights are in working order. Check your standard headlights as well as your high beams. If your headlight is out, you can replace it yourself before Halloween arrives.

Slow down

Better safe than sorry, try to slow a little under the speed limit on trick-or-treat night, especially in residential areas. Even if children aren’t in the┬ároad at the time, many kids take off running from each house, darting into the street.

Yield to pedestrians

Even if you have the right of way, kids don’t know that. Make sure you keep an eye out for kids trying to cross the street and yield to them. If you don’t, they might step into the street anyway, and you could end up in a terrible accident.

Use your signals

Turn signals and headlight communication are very important on trick-or-treat night. You can use your turn signals to communicate to other drivers as well as parents and children on the streets. They help identify your intentions behind the wheel so parents can help direct their children in a safer manner.

If you’re trick-or-treating or driving through the streets, be cautious on the roads this Halloween.