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Safety Tips for Driving Solo this Summer – Part 2

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If you caught Part 1 of our safe strategies for driving solo installment, we trust you’ve been sitting on the edge of your seat with anticipation for Part 2. Here are some more tips to help avoid carjacking and other crimes on your solo drives.

Avoid picking up strangers

As tempting as it might be to play Good Samaritan to people you encounter on the roadside, it’s wise to avoid picking up strangers when traveling alone. Save that situation for when you’re driving with a friend or two. If you still wish to help, use your cell phone to call the local police or highway patrol, to notify them of the broken-down vehicle.

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Be cautious about unmarked police cars

While police officers do sometimes ride in unmarked vehicles, they’ll still be easy to identify based on their uniform and official identification card. It’s important to stay safe if an unmarked police car pulls you over, though. Don’t settle for a badge or police hat, since these items are common for criminals to obtain. If the officer looks suspicious and/or can’t provide you with an official identification card, then call 911. Ask if unmarked police cars are patrolling the area you’re in, to help verify the legitimacy of the unmarked police car in question.

Always travel with a GPS system

Many modern vehicles have a built-in GPS navigation system. This technology can also help first responders find you faster in the event of a breakdown, or if you get stranded in a remote area. If your car doesn’t have this technology feature, it’s a great idea to purchase your own real-time GPS tracker to keep in the cabin. This Spy Tec STI GL300 tracker costs less than $50 via Amazon.

Stay alert and protect yourself with these simple tips, to enhance your summer travels.

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