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Samuel L. Jackson Drives a Toyota Camry in Beverly Hills

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When you’re as successful an actor as Samuel L. Jackson, you can pretty much drive whatever car you want to. Successful actors and musicians are frequently seen in high-end luxury vehicles and supercars, which can often cost as much as (or even more than) the average house. So it’s a big surprise to see someone with as many blockbuster movies under his belt as Samuel L. Jackson driving none other than a Toyota Camry.

So I was able to see ONE celebrity – Samuel L Jackson wearing his expensive leather jacket and hat! #beverlyhills #celebrityspotting #samuelljackson

A photo posted by Michelle Oosthuizen (@michelle_oosthuizen) on

Jackson was spotted behind the wheel of the Camry in Beverly Hills, California, by Instagram user michelle_oosthuizen. There’s nothing flashy at all about the car, which appears to be a base model—it’s not even an eye-catching color. Perhaps this is Jackson’s way of blending in and laying low, because let’s face it, who would expect to see such a big Hollywood name in the driver’s seat of a Camry when he could probably be driving a Ferrari?

Maybe Jackson appreciates the Camry’s simplicity—although simple doesn’t necessarily mean uncomfortable or tacky. In fact, as the best-selling passenger car in the US for 14 years running, the Camry offers features like Qi wireless charging, a blind spot monitor, wood-grain-style accents, and a powerful 268-horsepower V6 engine.

Or maybe Jackson is joining a new type of movie star—the type who prefers a low-cost, quality ride over an eye-catching luxury vehicle. Just ask Mark Wahlberg.

News Source: Celebrity Cars Blog