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Santa Rosa Resident Sticks Pony, Stardust, in Car to Escape California Wildfires

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Due to the current wildfires raging in California, many individuals have evacuated their homes to flee a safe distance from the hazard. Lauren Mesaros from Santa Rosa was one of these residents. However, while others grabbed their children and lap dogs before making an escape, Mesaros had more heavy-weighted “cargo” to tow: two horses and a pony.

She quickly loaded the horses into the trailer. However, she was running low on space and needed a way to transport the pony, Stardust. While not all ponies enjoy being trailered for road trips, even fewer would submit to entering the unfamiliar interior of a car for the duration of the ride. Stardust, however, kept his cool.

Stardust my little pony

No, not this Stardust—a real pony.
Photo: Stardust Shine™

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As Mesaros relates, “He just went in like a big dog. As a horse owner we didn’t think twice about it. It’s like putting your dog or cat in the car.” It helped that Mesaros’s friend Carol Spears, whom she dubs “a horse whisperer,” lent her a hand to ensure that the pony was safely loaded into the vehicle.

Mesaros’s neighbor, Lisette Hall Frye, witnessed the scene. She articulates: “Couldn’t believe Lauren got Stardust to go into the back seat of her car. A little coaxing with a carrot and he went right in! We were beyond thrilled and relieved that he could be evacuated safely!”

The two horses and Stardust arrived safe and sound at the Wind Horse Ranch in Sebastopol, where they will reside until the wildfire situation improves.

For anyone else fleeing the California threat with a pony, if you find yourself pressed for trailer space, follow Mesaros’s example—arm yourself with a carrot and a calm neighbor—and make good use of your car.


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News Source: New York Post, The Sacramento Bee