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Santa Shapes Up, Drives Audi RS5 Sportback

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santa audi rs5 sportback commercial

Whenever someone decides to lose weight or get fit, there’s usually a motivator. For some, that might be a formal event like a wedding, or the realization that climbing stairs is much harder than it used to be. For Santa, that motivator is an Audi, according to a new commercial.

In Audi’s Christmas commercial, Santa catches sight of himself in a mirror while hiding from a young, presumably hip couple exiting an Audi RS5 Sportback. With cookie crumbs in his beard, Santa looks at his dad bod and decides he needs to do something if he ever wants to look that cool in an Audi.

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What follows is more than three minutes of footage showing Santa getting fit and changing his eating habits. When he first tries to run he is hopelessly out of breath almost immediately. He visits a boxing ring owned by elves (because why not?) and enlists their help to whip him into shape. As time goes on, Santa has an easier time boxing, jumping rope, doing crunches, and even running — by the end of the commercial he is sprinting ahead of the elves.santa audi commercial

After he reaches his goal, Santa wants to show off his hard work with a new outfit. He has a new Santa suit tailored (one that looks suspiciously like a fancy bathrobe, a la Hugh Hefner) and gets his hair and beard trimmed. When Christmas Day comes, he reveals his new look to Mrs. Claus and the elves, who reward him by giving him a festive red Audi RS5 Sportback of his own.

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The moral of the story? If you lose weight and get a new haircut and new clothes, your coworkers and friends will reward you with your very own supercar. Right?

Watch: Audi RS5 Sportback Christmas commercial