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Saturday Night Live Plugs Mercedes-Benz “AA Class,” Mercedes Gets in on the Joke

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus promotes battery-powered Mercedes-Benz AA-Class on Saturday Night Live

Veep star and former Saturday Night Live  cast member Julia Louis-Dreyfus hosted last week’s episode of SNL, and as often happens on the show, her talents were largely wasted on some pretty mediocre sketches.

One highlight of the evening, though, was a fake commercial for a very innovative (and absurd) type of electric car from Mercedes-Benz, which starred Louis-Dreyfus as the EV’s celebrity pitchwoman.

Take a look:

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, the Mercedes-Benz AA-Class luxury sedan.

Yes, say goodbye to range anxiety, EV drivers: you’ll never have to plug your car in again… as long as all 9,648 AA batteries are working. And if one (or more) of them dies, you can replace them with the thousands of spare batteries you keep in your spacious trunk (or just run into the nearest Dollar Store and buy a whole bunch of Duracells).

And if you’re still worried about the sustainability of this 52-mph dynamo, have no fear—Mercedes-Benz put out this actually real Tweet to assuage any concerns drivers might have about the cost of buying so many damn batteries:

See? Batteries may not be included, but a handy recharging station is!

As maddeningly uneven as SNL has been in the last few years, they seem to always hit the mark when satirizing car commercials, from that spot-on Matthew McConaughey Lincoln impersonation to that controversial Toyota terrorism parody.

Maybe SNL should stick to only making fun of car commercials in the future. Then the show would be consistently funny, and I would always have an excuse to write about it each week. Sounds like a win-win to me.