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Save on Car Rental Fees This Summer

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Traveling during the summer can be fun, yet costly. Save yourself some cash when you use a rental car by following these three smart strategies.

Find coupons, ask for a discount

Before you book a rental car, scan online for coupons. Another great way to get a bargain on a rental vehicle is membership with certain organizations like AAA. AARP, USAA and Costco are a few other memberships that might trigger a discount at your rental company of choice. Make sure to ask though, since these deals aren’t always advertised.

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Say “no” to add-ons

Many rental companies will stress the importance of adding on rental car insurance to your package. However, you might already have this coverage through your personal auto insurance. Before requesting and filling out forms for a rental car, contact your insurance company to see if your coverage includes temporary use of a rental vehicle. Yet another option to get a cheaper rental car insurance than the rental company offers is to pay for a daily policy at an independent company. You can often find a short-term policy that offers up to $100K coverage per day, for less than $10 per day. You might also want to check with your credit card, since some issuers provide global auto rental coverage to card holders.

Avoid extra costs

As convenient as it might be to pick your car up or drop it off at the airport, it’s not always the cheapest route. If time allows, save yourself money by picking up and dropping off your rental at a non-airport location. Taking a rideshare vehicle from the rental company to the airport is usually cheaper than the add-on fee the airport-based rental offices charge.

With a little bit of planning, you can enjoy your rental car while minimizing costs on your next trip.

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News Source: CNBC