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Searchers Find Classic 1927 Chevy in Lake Huron Shipwreck

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1927 Chevrolet Coupe shipwreck

This 1927 Chevrolet Coupe was found inside a sunken steamship at the bottom of Lake Huron
Screenshot: CTV News

A recently discovered Great Lakes shipwreck contained an automotive surprise — a completely intact 1927 Chevrolet Coupe.

The ’27 Chevy was parked inside the steamship Manasoo when it sank on Sept. 15, 1928, in Lake Huron’s Georgian Bay near Griffith Island, Ontario. Only one of the four passengers and four of the 17 crew members survived.

A team of divers led by researcher Cris Kohl found the wreck this summer.

According to Kohl, the cold waters of Lake Huron have kept the ship in superb condition during its 90 years at the bottom of the bay. One unusual aspect of the mussel-coated wreck, Kohl noted, is the still-intact pilot house and ship’s wheel. These parts usually don’t survive a sinking.

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Nobody knows for sure why the Manasoo went down that night in 1928, but it happened in the midst of a storm. The crew noticed that the stern was beginning to sink, but the ship was unable to make it to the closest shore in time.

Sixteen of the 21 people aboard the ship died, along with more than 100 cattle. One of the survivors was cattleman Donald Wallace, who owned the ’27 Chevy. He and four crew members were able to make it to shore in a life raft.

Wallace’s Chevrolet was part of the automaker’s Series AA Capitol lineup. The 1927 Series AA was available in seven other body styles besides coupe and played a major role in helping Chevy overtake its rival Ford in sales that year.

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