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Seattle Driver Gets Caught Using Trump Cardboard Cutout in HOV Lane

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Donald Trump

A Seattle driver used a cutout of Donald Trump’s head to try and get by HOV lane laws
Photo: YouTube

You always hear of people trying to use the HOV lane, which is for cars with two or more passengers, when they don’t actually have a second passenger. One guy in Long Island, New York, tried to get by with a wooden figure dressed in a hoodie; another tried to make things interesting by using a cardboard cutout of the Most Interesting Man in the World.

Now, a driver from Seattle, Washington, decided to try his hand at fooling the police with an unexpected carpool passenger—a cardboard cutout of Donald Trump’s head.

As if the Cheeto-orange of his skin didn’t attract enough attention, the Trump cutout also featured what can only be described as a “Trump face.” His gaping mouth and furrowed brow make it look as if he was telling the driver that he’s fired. There’s really no doubt that anyone passing by would look twice.

Alas, one of the people out on the road that day that looked twice just happened to be a traffic cop, who pulled over the driver and slapped him with a $136 fine for driving in the HOV lane without a second passenger.

“You see a lot of things in your career, including mannequins, but this was something else,” said state trooper Rick Johnson, one of the officers on the scene. “Every once in a while, we get somebody trying to be funny.”

Obviously, if you want to make carpooling great again, it’s probably a good idea not to use a cut out of one of the most visual people in the United States—especially when said person was just part of the first of three live televised debates, which were held almost 3,000 miles away, a mere hours before.

Not even someone as full of hot air as Trump can travel that quickly.

So, the next time you find yourself in a hurry and want to use the HOV lane to get to your appointment on time, consider actually having another passenger. And no, a cutout of Hillary won’t cut it, either.

News Source: Digital Trends