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Semi Driver Collapses Historic Bridge Because She Doesn’t Know How Many Pounds a Ton Is

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Quick lesson on weight conversions, here: One ton, in America, is the equivalent of 2,000 pounds. Please note that this is a lot of weight, but that the smallest of lightweight cars usually hover right around that number of pounds.

Now, imagine what that would mean for the weight of a semi truck pulling a trailer filled with bottled water.

That’s a lot of pounds.

Apparently, one young semi driver missed this particular lesson and attempted to drive over the historic iron bridge in Paoli, Indiana, which was built in 1880 and could support up to 6 tons (that’s 12,000 pounds).

Semi Bridge collapse

It turned out more or less how you would expect

As you may have guessed, the semi truck weighed more than 6 tons. A lot more. Like, over 24 tons more, for a total of 30 tons, or 60,000 pounds. Predictably, the historic bridge followed the example of London Bridge and fell down, almost immediately after the truck became wedged under the top of the bridge and sheared off part of the trailer’s roof, since the semi driver also missed the lesson on height.

So, why on Earth did this semi driver try to cross this bridge? According to her, first, she was lost—she had made a wrong turn and was trying to find her way back to her proper route. Second, she had driven over the bridge before in her own personal vehicle. Third, she was uncomfortable backing the semi up. Finally, and most worrisome, was that she didn’t know how many pounds 6 tons was.

The driver only received her CDL endorsement earlier this year, but as the logistics company she works for is suddenly plunged into legal hot water, while she personally is only being slapped with a $135 fine, you have to wonder just how long that CDL is going to last.

Semi Bridge Collapse

We’re guessing her driving prospects have something in common with this bridge

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