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“Sesame Street” and Chrysler Team Up to Celebrate the Holiday Season

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Hopefully Cookie Monster won’t eat all of these cookies before he’s supposed to deliver them

Halloween is hardly even over, and yet plenty of people are already in the yuletide spirit. Evidently, plenty of monsters are also feeling rather festive, as the denizens of Sesame Street are starting to celebrate the holiday season in their own unique way.

Chrysler decided to once again team up with the Sesame Street crew to demonstrate how the Chrysler Pacifica is the perfect family vehicle for the holidays.

To showcase the Pacifica’s usefulness around Christmas, Chrysler published an advertisement starring everyone’s favorite gluttonous Muppet, Cookie Monster. The advertisement, the latest from Chrysler’s partnership with the Sesame Workshop, can be viewed below:

Cookie Monster starts out loading his favorite cargo, obviously cookies, into the Chrysler minivan. In order to make more room for holiday-themed baked goods, Cookie Monster utilizes the Pacifica’s Stow ‘N Go seating configuration.

When Elmo stops by, Cookie Monster gets into the spirit of sharing by presenting the furry red monster with a giant cookie. After Elmo does some sharing of his own, Cookie Monster can’t help but make a mess, which is conveniently cleaned up by the Pacifica’s Stow ‘N Vac vacuum system.

Chrysler officially signed on as a sponsor for the long-running education program earlier this summer. Following the creation of that partnership, Chrysler has published a series of advertisements featuring the iconic stars of Sesame Street and highlighting the class-exclusive features of the new Chrysler Pacifica.

Minivans are regularly used by families with young children, so promoting the Pacifica alongside the cast of an easily-recognizable children’s education program is a rather strategic choice. And with Sesame Street celebrating its 48th anniversary today, it is clear that educational television shows don’t get much more iconic than Sesame Street.