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Check Out This Sexy Ford Fairlane Ad Starring Ann B. Davis

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Ford Fairlane AdYou likely know the late Ann B. Davis, who passed just over a week ago at the age of 88, as the live-in maid of The Brady Bunch. And while Ms. Davis will be eternally linked to her role as Alice Nelson, she got her start on the small screen as the pitchwoman du jour for Ford. One of her finest moments, without question, is the Ford Fairlane ad below. Here’s a shocker: Alice was pretty provocative for her day. And we love it.

Yes, before you ask, this is an ad from the 1960s. And, no, you’re not wrong in thinking that the whole thing about the “Fairlane feeling” is one big innuendo. The facial expressions, the emphasis on shifting, it’s all pretty sexy stuff.

What we’re fond of here? The fact that Davis’ character don’t need no man to climb into her Fairlane and visit lumber camps and aircraft carriers. She’s strong, independent, and apparently also more than capable of cradling a grown man like an infant.Ford Fairlane Ad

Ann must have had some strong lats.

There are more than a few glimpses of the Bradys’ maid here as well, particularly when she likens the likens the Fairlane’s acceleration to a man and then qualifies it with a pensive “if you have a man.” You almost expect her to take two beats and make a crack about Sam the butcher.

ford fairlane ad

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The Ford Fairlane ad is a great way to remember Ms. Davis that has just the right amount of nostalgia and makes one wonder how in fifty years car adverts have somehow gotten worse at marketing their products by portraying women as strong. Godspeed, Ann.