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Hello There, Shadowy Lexus LF-C2 Concept Teaser

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The 2014 LA Auto Show gets underway (well, for the press at least) next Wednesday, which means it’s time for the shadowy, barely-there silhouettes of new models and concepts to come pouring out of the woodwork like an insatiable zombie horde. Today’s entry is this somewhat spooky Lexus LF-C2 Concept teaser, which is scheduled to drop its top on November 19th at 1:40 pm PST/4:40 pm EST.

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In the meantime, check out that eclipse! Doesn’t it just make you want to revisit the Twilight series again? No? Okay, never mind. You didn’t have to be such a jerk about it.

Lexus LF-C2 Concept Teaser

My, Lexus LF-C2 Concept teaser, you’re looking dark today

According to Lexus, those who won’t be in attendance in Los Angeles will be able to get their first glimpse at the LF-C2 Concept through a 72-hour online social media campaign, which can be found at

Here’s the shtick: starting three days prior to its reveal on November 16th, the Lexus LF-C2 will be revealed bit by bit by bit. Imagine that one plot device from Major League, except neither nudity nor Wesley Snipes are involved here (at least as far as we know; we reached out to Wesley Snipes for comment, but he shut us down because he thought we were the IRS).

The campaign will also involve fan voting to determine which part of the vehicle is revealed next. The first vote takes place on the 16th at 1:40 pm EST and gives you the choice between spindle grille, wheels, and interior. Our guess: we’re getting the interior first.

People who were not fans of the show Lost can just do it the old fashioned way and wait for the live stream, which can be found at Be sure to check back in for the full reveal next Wednesday!

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