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Should I Buy A Dash Cam?

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should i buy a dash cam?

Dash cam.
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Dash cams are all the rage in Russia, where high rates of insurance fraud have almost made it necessary for all drivers to install them in their cars. While dashboard cams aren’t currently a necessity in the U.S, having irrefutable evidence of an incident certainly doesn’t hurt in a court of law; and besides, dash cams have been known to capture some pretty cool stuff, like this meteor. If you’re looking to pass a few minutes (or a half hour), check out, which features some pretty incredible dash cam videos. [ Watch the video below for the most unreal incidents captured on Russian dash cams ]

Dash cams have been used by law officials for decades, but until recently have remained elusive to the general public, due to their complexity and cost. Now, anyone can access a high-quality dash cam for a mere 80 bucks or less. These dash cams typically consist of a basic digital camera that records on a continuous loop, and a suction-cup mount that fixes the camera to the windshield. Features like HD resolution, color display, embedded GPS location data, and time-stamp overlays will get you the most for your money.

So if you’re wondering, “Should I buy a dash cam?” the answer is, absolutely! Because the camera captures everything happening outside of your car, a dash cam will protect you from others trying to commit insurance fraud, which was up 16 percent in 2012. A dash cam could mean the difference in a “he said – she said” case.

A dash cam will also protect you in case of an accident, as other involved parties will not be able to deny any responsibility or lie about what actually happened based on the camera’s recording. Look for a dash cam with a parking protection mode, which continues to record while the car is parked. The camera must be hard-wired to work continuously when the car is off, but offers insight into damage to your car in the event you aren’t there.

Besides providing proof in the event that something happens to your car, a dash cam could also provide unquestionable evidence for other crimes or violence happening outside of your car.

Check out these reasons, along with other benefits of having a dash cam at

If you have a dash cam, let us know whether or not you think it’s a worthy investment. In the meantime, watch the video below to see the best of Russian dash cams in 2012.