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Sign the Ford Mustang Birthday Card

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The Ford Mustang turns the big 5-0 this week, and to celebrate, fans across the world are invited to sign the Ford Mustang birthday card. Anyone who wants to join the party can customize their own message for their favorite Mustang at http://action.ford.com/page/s/mustang-50. And unlike your sibling who is unappreciative of your kind gestures, the Ford Mustang will be completely and utterly grateful.

April 17th marks 50 years since the first Mustang went on sale, and since that time, the Mustang has grown to be an American legend. With more than nine million units sold and over 6.2 million fans on Facebook, the Mustang is one of Ford’s most popular and best-selling cars ever. The Mustang is timeless and its style continues to stand the test of time.

|2014 Ford Mustang Trims and Specs|

Ford will celebrate the occasion through several events, including the display of the new 2015 Mustang Convertible on the observation deck of the Empire State Building, celebrations organized by the Mustang Club of America, convoys of Mustangs road tripping (keep your eyes peeled!) and a massive employee celebration at Ford Motor Company Headquarters.

Be a part of not just the celebration, but also help make history, and sign the Ford Mustang birthday card – 50,000 signatures and messages will set a new Guinness World Records Title.

Happy, happy birthday, Mustang!