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Simpsons Family Car Finally Gets Hot Wheels Treatment

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The Simpsons Family Car Hot Wheels car

The Simpson family’s iconic pink sedan has graced the small screen in parts of four different decades, but it’s never been available in Hot Wheels form—until now.

Reasonably priced at $1.09, the Hot Wheels Simpsons Family Car is a follow-up to last year’s release of “The Homer,” the all-American land barge that bankrupted Homer’s brother’s car company (and, one suspects, all of Detroit).

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Aside from its trademark damaged front fender, the Simpsons’ vehicle has proven surprisingly indestructible over the show’s last 27 seasons, even surviving the reckless driving habits of an infant:

Hopefully Hot Wheels has more Simpsons-themed releases planned for the future. Us die-hard fans of diecast cars (and shows that will never die) could think of a few more cartoon cars we’d like to have in miniature form: Mr. Plow’s snow plow, the Springfield Pool-Mobile, Snake’s “Li’l Bandit” Pontiac Firebird, the Springfield Aqua-Cars, Otto’s school bus, the Duff beer party bus, and the 1998 Canyonero (as well as the 2014 Canyonero Hybrid, for good measure).

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Of course, that would require The Simpsons to engage in excessive merchandising, which is something that sounds pretty unpossible.