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Six Hour Delay During Daytona 500 Inspires List of Fun Activities

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Six hours sure is a lot of time to fritter away. Next time, be prepared with this handy list of things to do during a six hour delay.

Daytona six hour delay

After a six hour rain delay, Dale Earnhardt Jr. took home the win at Daytona

Last night, Dale Earnhardt Jr. took victory lane in the 2014 Daytona 500, ending a 55-race winless drought and the 10-year wait since his 2004 victory at the Great American Race. Despite an exciting (if not altogether harrowing) final 60 laps, an emotional victory for Dale Jr., and an interesting start (to say the least) to a Sprint Cup season that will end with the top four drivers facing off in the first NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship race.

However, one of the most talked about aspects of yesterday’s race was the six-plus-hour rain delay that halted the race from 2:13pm to 8:52pm. For six hours, 21 minutes, and 40 seconds, audiences sat waiting, at points getting so anxious for action that many determined that last year’s race may as well stand in as this year’s result.

I suppose you can’t blame the public for being duped, after all, it’s not as though…oh, you mean Fox News erroneously reported that 2013’s result was the result of yesterday’s race. Well, to be fair, nobody’s ever gone out of their way to call Fox News a reliable news source.


In any case, a six hour delay with nothing to do got me thinking: what is an ideal way to spontaneously fill six hours? As such, I rustled up a list of ideas for those who may be worried that a similar fate might befall the next Sprint Cup race, the…wait, seriously? The next race is called The Profit on CNBC 500.

The Profit on CNBC 500. Well, if that’s not a race name that inspires great excitement, I don’t know what is. Is it hosted by President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho?

In any case, it’s in Phoenix, so hopefully there won’t be much need to worry about rain. But just in case there should be some kind of inclement weather, here is a list of things you can do during a six hour delay:

–          Watch most of the first season of Twin Peaks

–          Watch the European cut of the Twin Peaks pilot three times

–          Watch just a stupid amount of Donald Duck cartoons on YouTube

–          Watch Days of Thunder three times in a row with ample snack breaks in between

–          Partake in an adrenaline-filled JFK/Nixon double-feature

–          Walk a marathon start to finish

–          Do laundry, re-dirty your clothes, do laundry again

–          Do your taxes, ponder whether taxes are done correctly, panic

–          Facebook stalk all of your former high school flames

–          Watch the entire 1925 version of Les Misérables

–          Star Wars marathon (note: there are only three Star Wars movies)

–          Listen to Kraftwerk’s “Autobahn” sixteen times

–          Listen to the full version of Enya’s “Return to Innocence” 27 times

–          Slow cook some delicious pepper pork chops (courtesy of Alton Brown, no less!)

–          Say “DRIVE IT LIKE DALE!” about 36,000 times

–          Eat 2,484 hot dogs, Joey Chestnut-style

–          Watch Ronda Rousey v. Sara McMann 60 times

Can you think of anything worth doing during a six hour delay? Leave me the best idea you’ve got.