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Smart Strategies and Safe Ride Programs for New Year’s Eve

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While New Year’s can be a fun, celebratory time, this holiday is known as one of the most dangerous ones for drivers to be on the road. Just last year alone, 800 people nationwide died from drunk driving related crashes.

Don’t let yourself be a statistic. Stay safe this New Year’s, by applying the following strategies.

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Have a designated driver

It might be a no-brainer, but whenever you attend a place with alcoholic beverages, make sure to determine which person in your group will be the designated driver. And it’s better to decide on this beforehand, not when you’re halfway through a party, slamming down your fifth tequila.


Photo: BACtrack

DIY breathalyzer test

While it’s pretty simple to monitor your own alcohol intake, for even more protection against driving drunk, why not get your own breathalyzer? Many drivers rave about the convenience and effectiveness of the BACtrack keychain breathalyzer. Here’s another highly rated one available via Amazon.


Check out AAA’s Holiday Safe Ride Program 

Depending on which area you live in, research to see if there’s a AAA Holiday Safe Ride program near you. Arizona, Oklahoma and Northern California are just a few of the regions that provide this service to help ensure that you and your friends get home safely this New Year’s.

Browse the NHTSA’s Sober/Safe Ride Programs listing

Per the DUI Justice Link, a resource that AAA has initiated to further promote safe driving in the U.S., the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has put together an extensive list that currently features programs from 32 states. Check this link to connect with a resource in your area.

From all of us here at The News Wheel, we wish you a safe and happy New Year’s!


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