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Solar-Charged BMW i3 Aims to Make EV a Reality for All

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Valley BMW

The BMW i3 looks to change driving forever.

The purpose behind BMW’s creation of the i3 and i8 was to promote sustainability and performance while transforming the German automaker’s image into one that blends together vehicles with high output and environmental savvy.  The BMW i3 has done all of this and more; however, the brand’s sustainability initiative with the i3 does not simply stop when someone drives it off the lot, as the potential for a solar-charged BMW i3 suggests.

BMW has announced a partnership with SolarCity to offer BMW i3 owners a more efficient way to charge the electric subcompact: using the natural rays of the sun.  Drivers of the i3 will be given a 10 percent discount on SolarCity’s home solar system, as well as appealing financing options.

“This partnership makes the more sustainable fuel option—emissions-free solar electricity—also the more affordable one,” said SolarCity CEO Lyndon Rive.

The goal with a solar-charged BMW i3 is to make the sporty electric hatch a realistic option for all drivers, particularly those whose longer commutes may have previously eliminated EVs as an option.  Through a range extender, BMW is able to add an additional 80 miles to an already impressive range.  Making home solar-charging a more realistic possibility is yet another step in BMW’s initiative to make electric vehicles a more viable option for drivers.

Have you considered solar power for your home?  Would the potential for a solar-charged BMW i3 be enough to fully incentivize a purchase or lease?  Let us know why or why not in the comments below!