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Somehow, a Ford GT Sold At Auction for $1.65 Million This Weekend (Possibly Because “It’s America”)

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Ford GT Ingot Silver

So, uh, remember that whole thing from not too long ago where John Cena sold his Ford GT and then Ford sued John Cena for breaching his purchase agreement? And how Ford said that all GT purchasers were obligated to hold onto their six-figure supercars for at least 24 months before they could flip them? And how Cena moved to dismiss the lawsuit and then we didn’t hear anything more about it for three months?

Well, another Ford GT just sold at Mecum’s Indianapolis auction on Saturday for a whopping $1.65 million. So…yeah. Weird stuff.

Motor Authority asked Ford about the No. 48 GT, which has just 7 miles on the odometer, is equipped with a Dark Energy interior package, and has an Ingot Silver exterior with Black stripes. The response from Ford spokesman Matt Leaver:

“We are aware of this situation and looking into it, however Ford does not comment on individual customer matters. What we can say is that all Ford GT customers sign contracts, which include an agreement not to sell the car for at least two years.”

And yet, the Ford GT did sell, and for nearly three times its original asking price. The final amount was considerably less than the $2.5 million fetched by a Liquid Blue Ford GT at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale in January—that GT sold with Ford’s blessing and with the proceeds going to charity.

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Jalopnik posted a video from YouTuber beistheman wherein a Mecum rep says the following right before bidding gets underway:

“The judge did rule in Mecum’s favor, that we could sell this car. And if Ford wanted it back, they were welcome to come here and bid on it. So this is a publicly legal sale of a Ford GT. We had some people worried there was gonna be some repercussions, there’s no repercussions with this car. It was contested in court, you bid on it, you buy it, it’s yours. It’s America, you can buy and sell what you want!”

Well, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. “It’s America, you can buy and sell what you want.” A statement so concise, yet so true, and one that applies so easily to everything from super rare supercars to compromised and ethically vacuous presidential candidates.

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