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Watch SPA 24 Hour POV Pit Videos, Change Brakes Like a Boss

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SPA 24 Hour POV Pit VideosIf you’ve ever tried to perform maintenance on your car using a YouTube tutorial as your guide, you know how hit or miss the results can be. Rather than trust some guy who goes by the handle xXDethLord420Xx to show you how to properly swap out four wheels, you might do better to check out this video, released by Nissan, which shows the pit crew of the No. 80 Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 (driven by Alex Buncombe, Wolfgang Reip, Florian Strauss, and Nick McMillen) doing the deed lightning fast at the SPA 24 Hours last month.

Not getting the response you expect from your brakes? Think it’s time to swap out your brake discs but don’t feel like paying an arm and a leg in labor costs? Then see if you can emulate the results of the pit crew for the No. 35 GT-R (driven by Katsumasa Chiyo, Mark Shulzhitskiy, Miguel Faisca, and Masataka Yanagida):

Well, shoot, don’t it just look as easy as pie now? Can’t say that we’d recommend trying it just like that, given that you likely lack the years of professional experience and the plethora of high-quality tools to enforce all that know-how, but it’s an example to follow to be sure.

Nissan has also gifted us with the following videos from Spa 24 Hours, which include an exhilarating nighttime ride along with Nick McMillen in the almost unearthly-looking GT-R and a walk along the grid in the calm before the storm.

Your day has been made. You’re welcome.

Source: Nissan