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Spread Automotive Cheer with These Great Subaru Merchandise Gifts

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Ho ho ho! The holidays are coming up and good cheer is in the air–though for Subaru owners, every day is filled with cheer! It’s never too early to start buying gifts for your loved ones, and Subaru offers plenty of merchandise to make shopping for Subaru fans a breeze. From shirts to satchels, here are some of the best Subaru swag items to give as gifts this Christmas.

And best of all, like the brand’s vehicles, this merch is surprisingly affordable.

Everywhere You Look… Why is Subaru so popular? We have the answer!

6 Types of Subaru Merchandise You Can’t Live Without

Subarui gear merchandise shop buy gifts swag clothes accessories


Whether you’re gearing up for a cruise in your Subaru or lounging around the house, Subaru offers you a vast selection of clothing items emblazoned with its logo. Hoodies, polos, T-shirts, scarves, sweatpants, and more are available for men, women, and children.

And, no outfit is complete without a stylish hat to top off the ensemble–especially in winter. A wide selection of colorful, stylish ballcaps, beanies, bomber hats, and headbands are sold by Subaru.


Subarui gear merchandise shop buy gifts swag toys


For the young–or the young at heart–check out Subaru’s colorful, durable “play accessories.” Experience joy and excitement with die cast models of the Subaru vehicles, sports balls, playing cards, jigsaw puzzles, and outdoor activity items.

Yes, Subaru even sells children’s books–but these aren’t stories about the Subaru company. Subaru sells award-winning books that have received the brand’s prize for excellence which teaches children about science, sociology, and nature.

Subarui gear merchandise shop buy gifts swag travel


Carrying your belongings while on the go can be a hassle, but Subaru makes it easy with its lineup of affordable, branded carrying packs. Kids will love the backpack and drawstring bag decorated with a puppy’s face while adults will like the refinement of backpacks that can be used as chairs,

Bring your favorite drinks and snacks on the road with Subaru-badged drink bottles, lunch totes, reusable food trays, pint glasses, and more.

Subarui gear merchandise shop buy gifts swag dog


If you’ve ever watched a Subaru commercial, you know that dogs are the brand’s–and its owners’–best friends. Show your love for your precious pooch with a variety of Subaru merchandise created strictly for your dog. From durable play-toys like a tennis ball and chew toy to apparel like dog collars and scarves, your canine will be a Subaru fan too.

Subarui gear merchandise shop buy gifts swag car auto


Accessorizing isn’t just for people’s outfits; you can give your vehicle an added touch of flair with branded items for your car. Display a branded sun shade across the windshield or license plate frame on the bumper. You can also outfit your Subaru with important travel tools for your winter weather excursions. Stock up on brushes, umbrellas, gloves, ice scrapes, first aid packs, and more.

Subarui gear merchandise shop buy gifts swag oddities


If you can think of it, chances are Subaru sells it–with the company logo on it. Peruse the gear store for unique items that make excellent gifts–such as ornaments, ice cream scoopers, pillowcases, keychains, cowbells, collapsible lounge chairs, golf balls, or many more awesome things. There’s even a mini-refrigerator that’s shaped like a toolbox!

If such unique items are still not one-of-a-kind enough for you, the Etsy store online is filled with (unofficial) artisan crafts and creations that feature the Subaru logo, like posters, stickers, and wall art.

If you’re interested in shopping the Subaru merchandise store, head to the official website.


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