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Spy Photos Raise Questions About New Nissan 370Z

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50th anniversary Nissan 370Z
The 2021 version of the 370Z could look quite different
Photo: Nissan

In an interview with Autocar last week, Ivan Espinosa, Corporate Vice President of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., Global Product Strategy and Product Planning Division, said that we “can expect something soon” about successors to the legendary Nissan GT-R and 370Z performance vehicles. He elaborated by stating, “I can’t share what but that doesn’t mean we’re not working on them. Nissan is about exciting cars.” Spy photos obtained by multiple sources on October 29 seem to suggest that the automaker is indeed developing a revamped version of the 370Z.

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Fans of Nissan’s line of performance vehicles have been anxiously awaiting any updates on redesigned models, and Espinosa’s comment only fanned the flames. With few details to go on, the photos have led to some speculation about what exactly we can expect from an all-new Nissan 370Z.

To begin with, the body of the vehicle looks to be a lightly modified version of the current 370Z. One of the most noticeable differences between the car in the photos and the street-ready 370Z is the presence of six holes just above the front grille. This detail has led multiple publications to suspect that this is less of a test car and more of a test mule: an old body concealing an all-new powertrain.

The prevailing theory is that the holes are there to give the engine more air, but what that engine might be, nobody is quite sure. An editor for Motor Authority suggested that buyers could expect multiple powertrain options for the updated 370Z, including a V-6 similar to some Infiniti models and even a hybrid version. Motor1 offered up the idea that the new Z car might follow in the footsteps of the revamped Toyota Supra and adopt an inline-six engine. While that’s all speculation, it’s worth noting that Nissan did have a Supra onsite to use for benchmarking.

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Unfortunately, outside of vague teases, spy photos, and guesswork, we don’t know much of anything about the new GT-R or 370Z. Even though details are scarce, it’s good to know that Nissan is going to refresh both vehicles, especially since neither has had a substantial redesign since they debuted in 2009.

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