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Subaru Returns with the 2017 Share the Love Event

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Share the Love Campaign from Subaru

On Thursday, Subaru announced they are returning to the 2017 holiday season with their 10th annual Share the Love event. This year’s event will take place from Nov. 16, 2017 to Jan. 2, 2018.

Subaru’s Share the Love event is an opportunity for Subaru to give back to several nationwide charities with every new vehicle sale. During this time frame, $250 from every new Subaru sale or lease will be donated to one of four charities:

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Customers will be able to choose which charity their vehicle is contributing to, making it personal for the customer. Dealerships will also be able to select local charities, as well, with more than 660 local charities participating already.

“At Subaru, positively impacting local communities across the country has been a passion project and we are overjoyed to see how Share the Love has touched the lives of so many individuals over the last decade,” said Alan Bethke, Subaru’s Senior Vice President of marketing. “This new campaign is a tribute to our charity partners who have made the success of the Subaru Share the Love event possible, and a promise to our communities to always put a little love in our hearts.”

The advertising campaign for the 2017 Share the Love event includes five commercial spots. These videos feature real people, not celebrities or actors, for the second year in a row – these people include pet owners, children fighting illnesses, activists and volunteers, our friends, our neighbors, and our families. They’re everyday people, just like us, which helps make the advertisements more relatable and realistic.

These advertisements will air across multiple platforms, including YouTube, cable television channels, and radio apps like Pandora. Subaru will also be partnering with Good Morning America and The TODAY Show to amplify the Share the Love campaign.

Regardless of Subaru sales, Subaru has committed to donate a minimum of $250,000. However, their goal for this year is to push the Share the Love’s total decade of contributions to at least $115 million.

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Watch one of their YouTube advertising campaign spots here:

News Source: Subaru