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Summer Sun May Be Blinding Drivers to Driving Dangers

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There is a good reason why the days of summer are called “lazy.” Summer days are designed to bring in a sense of relaxation, a sense of slowing down, and a sense of celebration after powering through a brutal winter and unpredictable spring.

A recent study by Michelin reveals that 74% of drivers are relaxing their attitudes about driving dangers too, because they believe “summer has fewer accidents than other times of the year.”

The conductors of the study, which was conducted to promote National Tire Safety Week (May 28 – June 3), also discovered that drivers are three times less likely to be alert and tuned into their surroundings during the hazy, crazy days of summer than they are during Old Man Winter’s production.

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The study revealed that 81% of drivers reported that during the summer, they are less likely to go the extra mile when it comes to paying attention and giving care to speed, turning, and stopping, while 72% are less interested in the behaviors of other drivers when the temperature is high. Additionally, regular maintenance, such as tire checks, will resume when the temperature drops significantly, according to the study.

“Drivers tend to think about their tires in the winter, when slippery, icy roads require maximum traction. But heat is the enemy of tires,” said Sarah Robinson, driving safety expert at Michelin. “Some of the most sever tire-related episodes are due to under-inflated tires in summer months.”

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Why the lackadaisical attitude? The study reports that 67% of drivers cited that better road conditions and nicer weather are the top reasons why they feel safer driving in the summer.

Don’t let summer be an excuse to neglect safe driving habits and car maintenance, especially if you’re planning a road trip or two this season.

Michelin offers these safe driving tips for summer: do a safety check of your vehicle; check and monitor the condition of your tires; do not drive distracted—give your full attention to driving; keep an emergency kit fully stocked in your car; don’t tailgate, ever; and remember to take time for breaks so you and your passengers can get some exercise.

News Source: Michelin