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BREAKING: Supra Trademark Renewed (Though This Actually Means Little)

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Supra Trademark

Everyone’s looking for Supra treasure in the FT-1, but does a trademark mark the spot?

Guys! GUYS! It’s time to get really, really excited. According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Toyota Motor Corporation has filed to renew the Supra trademark as of February 10, 2014. The fact that the Supra trademark is now active for “Automobiles and structural parts thereof” must clearly mean that we will be getting a new Supra at long last, right? Does it mean that we can jump the gun like Auto Guide and erroneously OMG CONFIRM THAT THE SUPRA IS COMING BACK AND WILL PROBABLY BE A VERSION OF THE FT-1 EXCEPT THIS ONE GIVES YOU ALL THE LOLLIPOPS FOR FREE?

No, not really. Companies re-up dormant trademarks all the time in order to protect themselves in the event that it may become useful to them once more. Of course, the Supra trademark also expired back in 2010, leading to its expiration this February 10th.

Does any of this mean unequivocally that the Supra will return and bear some striking resemblance to Toyota’s future-thinking sports car concept? Nope. But there are certainly a lot of signs pointing in that direction, and there is certainly more than enough market demand to support the Supra’s return. After all, it’s not like Ford’s still holding on to their Pinto trademark.