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Surprise! ‘Top Gear’ Hitting the Small Screen in May

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From L-R: Rory Reid, Sabine Schmitz, Matt LeBlanc, Chris Evans (not that one), Chris Harris, Eddie Jordan, and The Stig
Photo: Twitter/Chris Evans (not that one)

The BBC has been gearing up for the new season of Top Gear for a while. After the abrupt departure of the popular previous hosting trio, the network was forced to replace them with six new hosts. The official introductions have been made, the advertisers and the internet have seen a trailer, and the refreshed show has already had several new behind-the-scenes controversies. What is left standing between us and the new show coming to air?

Not much, apparently. The BBC announced yesterday that Top Gear would be returning at the end of May to the airwaves. Yes, that is May of 2016, the month we’re currently in, not May of 2017 (or 2018, God forbid). In a little bit more than two weeks, on Sunday, May 29th, the newest season of the BBC’s storied franchise will hit the airwaves in Great Britain.

When will the British show come to America? On the very next day, Monday, May 30th, BBC America will air the first episode. If the date sounds familiar to you, it should, because that’s Memorial Day. Just as British fans will close out their weekend with tons of fun in cars (we hope), American fans can end a relaxing holiday weekend with the new hosting team led by Chris Evans (not that one) and Matt LeBlanc.

Chris Evans

This Chris Evans is sad that he’s not the Chris Evans on ‘Top Gear’ (and I am too) 

We suspect the close timing of the British and American premiers is to prevent fans from watching the show illegally online. BBC staple Doctor Who had to move to a similar plan with a tighter turn around, as the same episode airs on the same night (6 or so hours apart) on both continents.

We can’t wait to tune in at the end of the month and see what everyone has been talking about. There might be an excessive amount of finger-crossing that the show doesn’t completely flop on its face.

News Source: Jalopnik