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SUV Sales Unsurprisingly Outpace Sedan Sales for Buick in September

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While every passenger car in Buick's lineup suffered sales losses in September, every SUV experienced sales growth

2017 Buick Regal exterior

Regal sales are down as its model relaunch approaches

The declining sale of sedans is a trend that shows no signs of reversing anytime soon. That fact is clearly evident when one looks at Buick’s sales from last month. While each of the brand’s utility vehicles reported sales gains, each of its passenger cars reported sales losses.

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Of course, some of this decline is by design. Buick is on a mission to reduce fleet sales to maximize profits and, since sedans are the primary source of such sales, some loss is to be expected. While Buick’s total sales for September were down by 20%, its retail sales were only down by 4.1%. Nevertheless, Buick’s sedans struggled to find support with the retail crowd as well.

2017 Buick Cascada Sport Touring in Sport Red with Dark Effects

Customers just don’t seem that enthralled by the Cascada

Last month, Buick only sold 284 Cascada convertibles. While the 470 Cascadas it sold in September of last year doesn’t seem like that much more, it still accounts for a 39.6% sales loss.

The Buick Regal also struggled in September, with a total of 702 units sold. Compared to the 1,696 Regal models sold in September of 2016, this accounts for a 58.6% sales decline. Customers are most likely holding out for the upcoming lineup of new Regal models. The 2018 Regal Sportback is set to arrive on dealer lots sometime later this  year, with its TourX counterpart debuting  sometime at the beginning of 2018.

2016 Buick Encore

SUVs like the Encore are growing more popular than ever

For current successes within the Buick brand, one needs only look toward its SUV family. For example, Buick Envision sales were up 39.6% last month.

Buick’s best-selling model in September was its best-selling model so far this year: the Buick Encore. Buick sold 8,262 Encores in September, a 13.2% sales increase. Year-to-date, Buick has sold 64,763 Buick Encores. When compared to the 56,484 Encores sold during the first three quarters of 2016, this accounts for a healthy 14.7% sales increase.

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As for the brand as a whole, Buick has sold 159,830 vehicles, a 5.9% sales decline. If you’d like to see how each model in the Buick lineup performed, you can examine the sales chart below:

Buick September 2017 Sales