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Taylor Bennett’s “New Chevy” Pays Homage to American Car Brand

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A shot from Taylor Bennett's "New Chevy"

A shot from Taylor Bennett’s “New Chevy”

Macklemore may have laid claim to the Cadillac brand, but Taylor Bennett’s “New Chevy” single makes clear that Chevrolet is all his. For those who could not care one bit about rap (or even detest it maybe), but do care about the future of Chevy, the song is actually pretty important for Chevy’s perception. Bennett, who is the little brother of Chance the Rapper, released “New Chevy” on his second album, Mainstream Music, along with a music video.


The lyrics admittedly are a little confusing. He’s bragging to a girl about the new Chevy he just bought and tells her he’s going to pick her up…but he’s sending a taxi to get her. You’d think, if someone were all excited about his new Chevy, with which he plans to impress a girl, he might actually drive that Chevy to pick up said girl, rather than send a taxi.

Taylor Bennett’s “New Chevy”

The famous Chevy

Confusing words aside, the free press is good for Chevrolet, as it faces negative criticism from the press on a daily basis due to the ignition switch recall. If we news outlets can’t say something nice about the brand, at least an up-and-coming rapper can. The trend has worked for Cadillac recently, with both Macklemore, Carrie Underwood, and Lorde including the brand in popular songs that have gotten the millennial generation talking about the brand in ways they rarely did before.

Taylor Bennett’s “New Chevy” music video was directed by Thelonious Stokes and even features an appearance from King Louie, along with scantily clad women (of course).

Taylor Bennett’s “New Chevy”

King Louie and Taylor Bennett

Check it out below:

Taylor Bennett’s “New Chevy”