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5 Tips for Teen Driver Safety Week

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October 15th through 21st is Teen Driver Safety Week. Thus, it’s the perfect time for young drivers to review safe driving strategies.

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Pick a Safe Car

Although staying safe on the road has a lot to do with safe driving habits, the vehicle you choose can help or hinder this goal. If you’re picking out your first car, read up on the latest reviews to ensure that you select a vehicle with up-to-date safety technology and features.



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Take a Defensive Driving Course

The saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is definitely true when it comes to driving safely. When driving, make sure that you put sufficient space between you and the car in front, especially in inclement weather. It’s also a great idea to take a defensive driving course in your area; some insurance companies will even provide a discounted rate if you take one.



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Boost Your Visibility

When driving in dark conditions, such as in the morning or at night, double-check that your car’s headlights are turned on. This will help other drivers to see your vehicle more easily. When driving on back roads with no street lights, turn on your brights for extra protection and visibility; just make sure to dim them whenever an oncoming car approaches to avoid blinding another driver.



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Minimize Distractions

Cell phones are just one of the major distractions that can cause an accident. Curb your distractions by turning your cell phone off whenever you’re in the car. Music can also take your attention off the road, so make sure to keep your music volume low or turned off if you find yourself getting distracted by it.



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speed limit sign 30 mph

Photo: amber.kennedy via CC

Adhere to Speed Limits

Speeding is a common way that young drivers get into wrecks. No matter how fast the cars around you are traveling, make sure to be aware of speed limit signs and obey them. Driving at a safe speed is one of the key ways you can stay safe on the road, no matter what road conditions or traffic patterns you encounter.

These are just five practical ways that you can cultivate safe driving habits as a young driver to ensure that you experience the joys of driving for many years to come.




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