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Tesla Wins Forever With Infinite-Mile Warranty

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infinite mile warranty

Note to Model S owners: start driving everywhere because you can.

Well, we have a winner. Tesla is now the sole owner of the best warranty ever offered. Eight-years. Infinite miles. Yeah, infinite as in sideways eight infinite. We’re not talking finite miles, folks. An infinite-mile warranty. As in you could buy an 85kWH Model S, commute 300 miles a day for the next 2,919 days, and you’d still have one more day under warranty care.

According to TechCrunch, the Model S previously carried a four-year/500,000-mile warranty, which could be extended up to eight years/100,000 miles for an additional $4,000. The 85 kWh battery pack itself has always been protected by an eight-year, infinite-mile warranty.

In a blog, Musk said that the infinite-mile warranty applies to all 85 kWH Tesla Model S vehicles purchased to this point. He also noted to investors that the move will have a “moderately negative effect on Tesla earnings in the short term,” but remains confident that it’s the right thing to do for the long term. Elon Musk: pioneer, genius, benevolent electric car overlord, ultimate badass.

It should be noted that the infinite mile-warranty follows word that Consumer Reports’ Tesla Model S has demonstrated a number of minor issues that could ultimately impact its overall 99/100 reliability rating when new numbers are released next month.

Source: Telsa Blog