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Texas Traffic Sign Knows the Horrifying Truth About Donald Trump

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Sign in west Dallas, Texas warns motorist that "Donald Trump is a Shape-Shifting Lizard"

If you ever saw the 1991 romantic comedy L.A. Story, you may recall that part of the plot involved an all-knowing freeway traffic condition sign that gave Steve Martin’s character sage advice on life and love.

Well I’m happy to report that the sign from that movie is alive and well and living in Texas, where it is issuing dire warnings to motorists regarding the 2016 presidential election.

Take a look:

This sign reportedly began warning commuters traveling on Interstate 30 in west Dallas that “Donald Trump is a shape-shifting lizard” early Tuesday morning, before workers with TxDOT/mindless puppets of our lizard overlords began turning the signs off/silencing the truth around 6 am. In addition to blowing the lid off of Donald J. Trump’s secret reptilian genetics, the sign also took an editorial stance, occasionally reading “Bernie for President.” Another sign, located on a road north of I-30, simply spread the good news that “Work Is Cancalled—Go Back Home.”

Of course, the lamestream media has declared this the work of “hackers,” in an effort to obfuscate the truth about the terrifying lizard face that hides underneath Trump’s (equally terrifying) orange rubber mask and fake orange wig.

“Any sort of tampering with that sort of stuff is a third-degree felony and it’s punishable. We’re talking prison time,” TxDOT spokesman Ryan LaFontaine told “It’s not something that’s taken lightly be any means.”

Let’s see what poor patsy the police pin this alleged “hacking” on, while meanwhile, a shape-shifting lizard gets himself elected leader of the free world!


News Via: Jalopnik