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The 2016 Toyota Tacoma Will Have Locking Tailgates

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2016 Toyota Tacoma locking tailgate

Yep, that’s right… that there’s a locking tailgate!

Read the title of this article, and you might think, “So what? Don’t all trucks have locking tailgates?” Until now, that answer was a resounding “no,” at least when it came to the Toyota Tacoma. If you’re not a pickup driver (or even if you are), you might wonder what the big deal is. But truck tailgates can be stolen if not locked, and quite easily at that.

Until now, Tacoma owners were often forced to lock their tailgates using zip ties, or other DIY methods, in order to prevent theft. But starting with the redesigned 2016 Tacoma, drivers will be able to lock their tailgates without having to purchase anything extra. Instead, locking tailgates will be standard features, straight from the factory. Additionally, the truck will have a new tailgate handle.

While this might not be breaking news, it’ll certainly make life much easier for a multitude of truck drivers across the country.

Now, if only Toyota would put its new fancy turbodiesel engine in the Tacoma for the US market.

Via: Torque News