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The 5 Best Pickup Truck Modifications to Consider

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The pickup truck is a powerful tool for many road-warriors who want to take their business with them wherever they go. With a pickup truck, you’ll always have the additional space you need to store more equipment and make the most out of your time on the road. However, while many pickup truck solutions come pre-packed with options that are designed to make your life easier, there’s still a chance that you’ll want to build your system out with added extras.

To help you decide which options are worth your time, check out these five suggestions for the best pickup truck modifications.


Fiberglass canopy

If you use your pickup truck for business purposes, then there’s a good chance that you’ll store a lot of extra stuff in the bed of the truck. While there’s nothing wrong with this, everything from flying debris to unpredictable weather could mean that you end up with scratched and damaged investments over time. A fiberglass canopy can help to protect your tools while showing off your sense of style too.


Exhaust system

A lot of pickup trucks come with powerful engines to help power them on the road. However, just because you have a big engine doesn’t necessarily mean that your vehicle will sound as powerful as it should. An exhaust system can deliver the amazing sound you’re looking for while increasing your power and fuel economy by helping your truck breathe better.


Tub liner

If you need some protection for your truck, but you don’t want a canopy, you can still find great options for canopy sellers that offer tub liners too. There are plenty of different types that you can choose from, whether it’s a permanent “spray on” form of protection, or a rubber insert that you can pull out or put in at a time that suits you. Every solution comes with its own positives and negatives, so make sure you choose the option that works best for you.

truck modification roof rack

A roof rack is a great option for bringing along extra equipment
Photo: DiamondBack Truck Covers

Roof rack

A┬ároof rack is a popular roof accessory for people who like to travel with their truck or for those who might need to take bigger pieces of equipment with them on the open road. Whether you’re using your truck for work or play, you can never have too much extra room for all the things you need. A roof rack can go on top of your service body or canopy to expand the potential of your vehicle.

Air intake

Just because your truck is big doesn’t mean it can’t be fast too. If you love getting some extra speed from your driving experience, you can always think about adding a cold air intake system into your engine to get more out of your drive. There are plenty of options out there that will cool down your combustion chambers and allow your engine to use less fuel when powering your drive.

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