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The 5 Best Songs Inspired by Buick

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Reliable. Traditional. Luxurious, but not too luxurious. One of the country’s oldest auto brands, Buick communicates solidity, maturity, and respectability, but it’s more than that. Buick is a quintessentially American institution, one that people aspire to and rebel against at the same time.

While Buick vehicles aren’t the focus of as many songs as their Chevy or Cadillac siblings, listen closely and you’ll find them motoring through their share of tunes, evoking bygone American childhoods, late-night highways, and, perhaps, a sense of finally arriving.

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Bob Dylan, “From a Buick 6”

The “Buick 6” in this song’s title is never mentioned in the lyrics, but it’s pretty easy to imagine it there anyway. The singer is searching for (or maybe trying to get away from) his “graveyard mama” and his “junkyard angel,” and the song’s intense, fast-paced blues sound evokes a desperate journey down a Mississippi Delta highway behind the wheel of an old Buick Master 6.


Sawyer Brown, “My Baby Drives a Buick”

“You ain’t seen nothin’ till your baby drives a Buick,” sings Mark Miller of the country band Sawyer Brown, and he sounds a little intimidated, like it’s too much car for her to handle. “Ain’t nothin’ to it,” she tells him, and all he can do is hang on and enjoy the ride — after all, he did decide to go out with her instead of going steady “with a girl in a Chevy” or a “lady in a Cadillac.”


Robert Earl Keen, “Daddy Had a Buick”

“Daddy had a Buick and Mama loved to ride,” sings Robert Earl Keen over a jazzy country swing number, reminiscing about his parents’ trips “from Atlantic to Pacific and everywhere between.” By the end of the song, the Buick’s keys belong to him and he’s carrying on the family tradition: “Me, I got a Buick, my baby by my side.”


Alan Jackson, “Buicks to the Moon”

“When the stars have all been counted/And I stop lovin’ you/Honey, they’ll be driving Buicks to the moon.” That seems like a pretty unlikely scenario — and an unwavering statement of loyalty from the singer. Also, though, note the (not unreasonable) assumption that Buicks will still be around when it’s possible to drive a car through outer space…


John Fogerty, “Hot Rod Heart”

“Ooh, let’s go ridin’/Cruisin’ down the open road,” sings John Fogerty, and guess which brand he’s choosing for the trip? “Big ol’ Buick/And a big ol’ sky.” (By the way, this chugging rocker sounds great with your windows rolled down.)


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