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The Chrysler 300 Motown Edition Unveiled

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Chrysler 300 Motown Edition

Chrysler 300 Motown Edition will make you move to the beat

The city of Detroit is best known for two things: cars and music. So when Chrysler created the 300 Motown Edition, it just made sense.  The marriage of the Motor City’s two greatest exports arouses just one question; what took so long?

The Motown Edition of the Chrysler 300 flaunts chrome accents throughout that exterior that can be found on the grille, wheels and mirrors.  The interior flaunts black and white leather reminiscent of piano keys is even accented with black wood.  The 10-speaker Beats Audio system ensures that the pre-loaded 100 tracks of Motown will be heard crystal clear.

To promote the instant-classic, Chrysler teamed up with Motown Records founder and Detroit native Berry Gordy.  Gordy is shown traveling along the streets of Detroit in the Chrysler 300 Motown Edition in a special 60-second TV Spot.

“The Chrysler brand’s imagination moved the world, while our rhythms forever changed music adding a sound and uplifting spirit that could only be from the Motor City. And our new Chrysler 300 Motown is a tribute to both,” said Saad Chehab, Chrysler President and CEO, in a press release. “More than just a brand partnership, our collaboration with Motown Records elevates our passion to express our Detroit roots further and inspire a new limited-edition 300 sedan that embodies the soul and originality of our city.”

Just as the commercial says, “If cars are our city’s heart, music is its soul,” and the Chrysler 300 Motown Edition blends heart and soul seamlessly.