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The Dodge Demon Will Be Fitted with 315-Width Drag Radial Tires

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The Dodge Demon is ready to burn rubber, and a lot of it

The Dodge Demon is ready to burn rubber, and a lot of it

Another week has gone by since Dodge released information about the highly-anticipated Dodge Demon. Last week, we learned that the Dodge Demon would be 200 pounds lighter than the current Dodge Challenger model. As promised, Dodge has unleashed another teaser for the Demon earlier this morning. According to the new preview, the Demon will also be wider than the current Challenger.

Dodge has revealed that the Dodge Demon will be fitted with 315-width drag radial tires.

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During the construction of the Dodge Demon, the performance vehicle’s impressive 18 x 11-inch wheels will be outfitted with custom 315/40R18 Nitto NT05R tires. As such, the Dodge Demon will be the first factory production car built with drag radial tires.

The new tires are designed specifically with the Dodge Demon in mind. They even bear Demon badges on the sidewall.

Look at that adorable-looking Demon

Look at that adorable little Demon on that huge tire

While Dodge enthusiasts may have hypothesized that the Demon would have 315-width tires on the back wheels, the Demon also has these drag radials attached to the front set of wheels. That makes them the widest front tires ever to be equipped to a production car, another record set by the Demon.

In order to house these gigantic tires, Dodge was required to design the Demon to be quite a bit wider. Overall, the Dodge Demon is reported to be 3.5 inches wider than the current Dodge Challenger SRT.

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To create a wider chassis, Dodge will reportedly use laser clearance and e-coating before the final assembly of the Demon’s body.

You can view the latest Dodge Demon teaser below:

The teaser ends with a mysterious Michigan license plate that reads “#2576@35”. This arrangement of numbers is undoubtedly a clue as to what Dodge will reveal next for the Demon. To be certain of what the meaning behind this cryptic clue is, we will have to wait one more week for the next Dodge Demon teaser.