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The Ford Fiesta RS Might Be on the Table, But It Probably Doesn’t Even Matter if You’re Living in the United States

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At this point, if you live in the United States, the mere suggestion that there is a rad new performance-focused Ford Fiesta on the horizon is just unfair. In addition to wallowing in your sadness over the fact that America isn’t getting the next-generation Ford Fiesta ST, a report from Motoring suggests that you can now start being all sad about the fact that you’re not going to get the Fiesta RS.

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Leo Roeks, head of Ford Performance Europe, told Motoring with a broad grin on his face that he is very busy at the moment but otherwise unable to expand on what he’s busy with when asked about the prospect of a Fiesta RS. Which, ostensibly, means that he’s just Mark from The Room in that scene where he tells Lisa that he’s very busy but just kind of appears to be sitting in a parked car somewhere.

Motoring took that big ol’ smile to mean that Roeks and Ford Performance are indeed hatching plans for a Fiesta RS to launch by 2020. Motoring is also of the understanding that Ford is working on a version of the Fiesta ST equipped with a dual-clutch transmission. Hey, that’s all well and great, especially if you live in Australia. Americans? Not so much. Ya know, maybe we just don’t deserve nice things.

Perhaps, however, some time will pass and some feelings will change. Perhaps the Ford Fiesta RS will be brought screaming into the world, leave a bunch of folks in awe pretty much everywhere but the United States, and create such a demand that Ford has no choice but to bring that beast to the land of milk and honey and bad craft beer. One can only hope, anyway.

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News Source: Motoring