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The Hoff Promotes the BMW Summer Sales Event in True “Baywatch” Style

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BMW Summer Sales Event David Hasselhoff
In the ad, we are immediately led to believe that David Hasselhoff owns a BMW calendar

In case you didn’t know, BMW hosts an annual Summer Sales Event, which allows buyers to receive a credit for a certain amount of money on select BMW models. Now through Labor Day, BMW is offering up to $4,500 on vehicles like the 3 Series, X3, and 5 Series. Other than releasing images of shiny new BMWs with overlaid text, how has the German brand been marketing this momentous occasion? With none other than David Hasselhoff, of course.

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The Knight Rider actor is of German descent and his music career achieved much success in the 1980s in Germany, so it only makes sense that Hasselhoff is now promoting BMW. The Hoff is endorsing BMW on Twitter via promoted tweets from BMW, as well as on BMW’s Facebook and Instagram profiles. In the 30-second spot, Hasselhoff is seen running on a treadmill when he suddenly looks at a calendar. Noticing it is, in fact, summer, the Hoff channels his Baywatch days and puts on a pair of sunglasses while running in slow motion.

BMW Summer Sales Event David Hasselhoff
That’s some slow motion Hoff for ya

Suddenly, Hasselhoff is running through “his house” and out to a driveway with three BMW vehicles waiting outside. He jumps in the blue 3 Series and while in the driver’s seat, says, “Hey BMW, take me to the beach.” The vehicle uses its voice recognition software to map a route to the nearest beach and coyly replies, “Routing you to the beach, Mr. Hasselhoff… or would you prefer I call you Michael?” referring to Hasselhoff’s Knight Rider character, Michael Knight. Once you think Hasselhoff’s time in the commercial is over, when the BMW announcer is mentioning the potential purchase credit, the actor chimes in at the last second with, “More like $4,500 ‘Hoff’.”

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Unfortunately, this is the only BMW commercial we could find the Hoff in. Perhaps he’s busy reviving his music career or reliving the glory days. In any case, you can watch the ad below.