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The Lingenfelter Collection Stems from Corvette Passion

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Ken Lingenfelter Collection

Ken Lingenfelter’s 250-car collection continues to grow with his most recent purchase: a 2015 Corvette Z28
Photo: Twitter

It’s a story as old as the first automobile. Man meets awesome car, falls in love with awesome car, then decides to start his own car collection.

When Ken Lingenfelter bought his first classic car, a Jaguar XKE, he didn’t realize that his love of collecting was just beginning. Now, Lingenfelter has one of the most extensive car collections in the world.

In his own 40,000 square-foot garage in Brighton, Michigan, Ken Lingenfelter has a total of 190 cars, though his collection totals 250. Ranging from American muscle cars from the 60s to exotic beauties, the Michigan native’s collection has it all—including 75 Chevrolet Corvettes that Lingenfelter could easily create his own museum with.

“I just have a pure passion for cars, especially Corvettes!” said Lingenfelter in an interview with WKTV.

Gallery: More Cars from the Lingenfelter Collection

One of the most historically significant cars in the collection is the Duntov Mule, which is named after the Chevrolet engineer Zora Arkus Duntov. This Corvette could reach speeds of 163 miles per hour and is the first Corvette to ever be outfitted with a V8 engine. Since this mule, Chevrolet has never held back when it comes to Corvette power.

While the Lingenfelter Collection is truly impressive, what Ken does with his cars is even more so. Because he makes sure that every car in his collection is in working order, his cars are some of the most coveted in the nation. When Ken realized this, he decided to use his car-collecting powers for good, participating in a variety of charity events for different causes. These causes include, but are not limited to, breast cancer research, juvenile diabetes, youth organizations, and many more.

The collection is currently closed to the public, but can be seen at various charity events around the nation.

News Source: WKTV